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from Nursery to Sixth Form

Weekly Words from Mr Richards

We have paused the Heads Words for the moment but please see historic words from 2021-22 below. 

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  • Mr Richards' Words Summer Week 10

    Published 08/07/22, by Anneliese Brackin

    We are very proud of all the achievements of our students. There are lots of little things that happen every day that make the school a special place; the 'thank yous' after lessons; the decisions to take on the extra bits of homework and the stoic way our students deal with tough issues. However, every now and then something really big comes along that makes us especially proud.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Summer Week 9

    Published 01/07/22, by Anneliese Brackin

    We are full speed ahead in the summer term. Many secondary schools see this time of year as a quieter time of year when Year 11 has finished and Year 13 have moved on. However, at our school the events are coming thick and fast!

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  • Mr Richards' Words Summer Week 8

    Published 24/06/22, by Catherine Corrigan

    The Year 11s have just skipped out of school with the sort of spring in their step that only their final GCSE exam brings.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Summer Week 7

    Published 17/06/22, by Catherine Corrigan

    It is a pleasure to work with our students and almost all the students understand that they are lucky to have such good teachers in front of them every day.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Summer Week 6

    Published 09/06/22, by Anneliese Brackin

    Ms O’Clee has recently been promoted to Deputy Headteacher with the responsibility for our continued drive to improve our already very good teaching and learning.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Week 5

    Published 27/05/22, by Anneliese Brackin

    Our exam season is well underway and, on the whole, Year 11 have left their exams with big smiles on their faces as their hard work and the teachers' efforts are repaid.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Summer Week 4

    Published 20/05/22, by Anneliese Brackin

    Goodbye Year 11! A considerable number of students will be returning to the Sixth Form however, it was so nice to have a day devoted to the end of their Senior Girls journey.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Summer Week 3

    Published 13/05/22, by Anneliese Brackin

    This is a great school; I feel like we are back in full swing now. All of these opportunities do not happen without great staff. Today’s words are devoted to the great students and the incredible staff that make things happen.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Summer Week 2

    Published 06/05/22, by Catherine Corrigan

    As all avid readers of my weekly words will know, I spoke about our school community last week and we continued that theme in assembly on Tuesday.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Summer Week 1

    Published 29/04/22, by Anneliese Brackin

    I would like to welcome everybody back to school and I hope you had a wonderful Easter break in the warm spring sunshine.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Lent Week 11

    Published 01/04/22, by Catherine Corrigan

    What a fantastic week, where the quality of our school has shone through. We started off with an excellent music concert on Monday evening and I was so proud of all the students who took part.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Lent Week 10

    Published 25/03/22, by Catherine Corrigan

    Time really does fly at our school. Year 11 had their final parents evening on Wednesday. This gave our dedicated and hardworking teachers a chance to impart those final tips and bits of motivation before the exams.

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