Year 7 Boys Become Crime Scene Investigators In Science Week
Senior Boys Activity

By Julie Freak, Senior Lab Technician

Recently a Terry-ble crime occurred at Claires Court Senior Boys when some criminal damage was caused to one of the sheds in the car park

Poor Terry, one of our groundsmen, interrupted a person graffitiing the shed and was knocked unconscious! All he could remember was that the perpetrator was wearing a lab coat. The writing was on the wall for the guilty person as we put our very best Year 7 teams on the case.

They collected evidence, in-terry-gated suspects, and through various forensic techniques such as chromatography, hair analysis, blood typing and fingerprint analysis, they were able to narrow down the potential candidates and solve the crime! Mr Meyers had his comeuppance in the whole school assembly when he was taken away for questioning by our very own PC Bowen! Well done Year 7! 

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