Lunar Rocks And Meteorites Land At Senior Boys
Senior Boys Science

There was much excitement at Senior Boys last week when pupils were lucky enough to examine precious (and priceless!) samples of Moon rock and meteorites from across the solar system.

These were kindly loaned to the Science Department through the Science and Technology Facilities Council whose mission is to deliver world-leading national and international research and innovation capabilities and through these, discover the secrets of our Universe.

Head of Physics, Miss Lowry, talked the boys through the various samples on display, explaining how every rock tells a story and how scientists learn about our universe by studying the rocks’ properties.

The boys in 7C had a go at identifying various samples and testing their properties, in particular if they were magnetic. Later on in the session, as part of their topic learning about craters, they investigated how the height of impact affected crater size in a hands-on practical. Over the several days all the pupils in Years 7 and 8 had the chance to measure, handle and analyse the samples in their science lessons.  

Thank you to the STFC for the chance to discover more about the wonders of the universe in the familiar class environment. 

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