Junior Pupils Win Maths Challenge
Junior Maths

The Claires Court Juniors maths department aims to equip our pupils to build a strong foundation of mathematical reasoning, strategic thinking and problem-solving techniques. They are encouraged where possible to participate in events and competitions that put these skills into practice, strengthening their confidence in these areas. 

One of these competitions was held recently at The Oratory Preparatory School where teams of four competed over three rounds in a range of different challenges.  Round one involved numerous multiple choice questions which quickly progressed to Round two, an estimation challenge in which they were asked to estimate the volume, surface areas and weight of a number of different items. Pulling on their logical thinking and deep understanding of the calculations needed, the girls and boys excelled where in the final round, they took part in maths based relay race. They showed a great level of resilience and teamwork to get to the correct answer, whilst maintaining their level heads and composure. 

We are delighted to announce that they won!  Well done, and we look forward to many more maths challenges in the future.

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