Year 5 Discovery Day

As part of our transition programme from Junior to Senior School, existing Year 5 children are invited to a Senior School Discovery Day. 

Year 5 Junior Girls had a spy themed Senior Girls Discovery Day last Friday and were invited on a Top Secret Mission!

Arriving at school undercover, they wore some fantastic disguises as instructed in their undercover spy invitation. In Drama, they learnt how to maintain a cover story and in History they explored inspirational female spies during WW2. After learning how to break a code in Maths, the Science lesson went off with a bang as they donned lab coats and safety glasses and learnt how to create a distraction with some very loud explosions!    

Finally, they headed out onto the field for their final challenge: putting up a spy tent in rather windy conditions as directed by WO Larkin in the CCF. 

It looked like they enjoyed their day and accomplished their mission with flying colours! We can’t wait to hopefully welcome them to Claires Court Senior Girls where we know they will make fantastic assets to the school.  Discovery Days are also offered to children from other junior schools looking to join Claires Court with dates coming up on 10 May and 30 June. 


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