One Zoo Three Responds to Year 3 Conservation Questions
Junior Environment

Written by Miss Wilding, Year 3

In Year 3, the boys and girls at Claires Court have been learning about Endangered Animals and Conservation.  They were encouraged to make their opinions heard and as a result, wrote to key companies and figureheads to ask for change.  We are all responsible for our footprint on the earth and we believe it's so important that our children are empowered to have a voice to help change happen. 

As part of their English lessons, the Year 3 classes wrote letters asking for specific changes or information to further their own knowledge of the issues affecting the world.  The children have been learning about how the production of palm oil affects the natural habitats of orangutans and therefore wrote to big production companies requesting that they stop using palm oil in their products.  As they also learn about specific animals and just how endangered they are on the IUCN list, 3B were inspired to write to HRH Prince Charles about his work for the WWF and the positive change that is happening there. 

It's so important to bring classroom learning to life as much as possible as real life experiences cement knowledge in a fun way.  One way of experiencing this is through co-curricular trips, so we organised a visit to The Woburn Safari Park for an educational session that looked at hunting, habitat loss, pollution and how we can help prevent this.  The boys in 3W were then inspired by their visit and completed some independent research about the history and creation of The Paradise Wildlife Park and how they are helping endangered animals worldwide. 

Once the boys had completed their research, they each came up with three questions that they wanted to ask and wrote a formal letter to Cam, Aaron and Tyler Whitnall, also stars of CBBC series One Zoo Three, with their questions in the hope that we would receive a letter in response. 

However, the boys (and their teacher!) were absolutely amazed to receive a different type of response from them, a personalised video answering their questions.  We are so happy that the boys were able to receive this and while we are waiting for the responses from the other letters, watch this space for any more replies!


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