Sixth Form students selected to be a part of the prestigious 'Take the World Forward Fellowship'
Sixth Form Whole School

An opportunity of a lifetime has been offered to two Year 12 girls who’ve been selected to take part in the prestigious ‘Take the World Forward Fellowship’.  Through the global programme, they will work virtually with exceptional mentors from Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA to identify, brainstorm, and solve some of the biggest challenges affecting the world both in the present day and the future.

After the Fellowship had received in excess of 450 applications, Ciara and Reni were invited to interview for a place on the course where they were questioned on topics such as; what success means to them, world issues they are concerned about and what changes they would make within their school if they were given control for a day. 

The students accepted into the Fellowship are described as ‘handpicked from a bunch of curious, bright high-school minds from across the world – (they) will identify, brainstorm, and solve some of the biggest challenges of today and tomorrow under the watchful guidance of illustrious IVY league mentors.’

After impressing the judges, Ciara and Reni were in the top 70 successful applicants worldwide.  Mrs Rogers, Head of Sixth Form, and Mr Wilding, Academic Principal and Head of Senior Boys had encouraged the girls to apply due to their proactive attitude, maturity, great ideas and positive vision for the future. 

Mrs Rogers said, “It is very clear Ciara and Reni have the skills it takes to be successful leaders. Our motto of aim high, believe in yourself and make a difference is exemplified in both students.”

Starting 15 January 2022, the course will span six months and will be split into two sections. The first three months will consist of working closely with Ivy League mentors and completing challenges set by MIT to strengthen their creative and strategic thinking, public speaking, debating skills and confidence building. In the final three months Ciara and Reni will work in small groups, made up of students from all around the world, where they will work on their own project. 

Past project topics have included;

  • How can we battle undernutrition in a single meal?
  • How can we improve STEM education access for disadvantaged students?
  • How can Central Bank Digital Currencies improve financial inclusion?
  • How can we combat loneliness using technology?
  • How can we create educational models that teach sustainability at a young age?

Reni S, Year 12 (pictured right above)
Studying: History, Politics and Art

At 17 years old Reni has shown entrepreneurial traits through tutoring GCSE students and also launching her own T-shirt company. Reni was motivated to take part in the fellowship due to it being such a unique experience that will inevitably help make a difference. She has shown a particular interest in people relationships and is looking forward to exploring this area in more depth when working on her project. 

“Alongside the Fellowship teaching me great skills, there are really good networking opportunities. It’s so interesting talking to other people on the course because they come from all around the world. Learning about different cultures and ways of thinking is very eye opening.”

Ciara D, Year 12 (pictured left above)
Studying: English, Sociology and Philosophy

Ciara joined the Sixth Form in September 2021 and her passion lies in sustainability with a strong focus on fast fashion, who can afford it and why consumers buy it. Claires Court is always looking for ways to work more sustainably and will be working closely with Ciara and Reni to implement more environmentally friendly processes. Ciara stated that she believes sustainability is a “responsibility you need to take on yourself”, and she has lived this quote in many ways, such as shopping second hand wherever she can and eating a vegan diet. 

Take the World Forward partners are committed to building the next generation of problem solvers

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